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Non-Commercial Licence

Acknowledgment of Copyright

For images you put in the public domain in an electronic format or as printed literature, you must acknowledge Brillianto Images copyright in one of the following ways.

  1. Text in hover-over text on web page
  2. Text immediately under the image (e.g. on a website)
  3. Text in image acknowledgments (e.g. last page of a pdf or printed book)
  4. By inserting a watermark text directly into the image

The text must say one of the following

  • © Brillianto Images OR
  • © OR
  • Image Copyright by Brillianto images,

Definition of “Non-Commercial”

Use by an individual, a charity, public sector organisation, school, university or other non-profit organisation for non-commercial purposes.

Non-commercial uses include (not exhaustive):

  • Printing out for doing a painting
  • Printing out for framing and personal pleasure
  • Use as screen saver on your computer
  • Use on non-commercial website (e.g. not ending in .com, or .biz)
  • Use for pdf or printed leaflet, publication or similar product that the general public can obtain FREE of charge.

You may use this image for a single use, e.g. one tweet, one place on your website, one hard copy print out or in a paper or electronic publication.

Uses that are not allowed

You are NOT allowed to use the image multiple times on products where the image adds value, e.g. on mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, post cards and similar items.

You are NOT allowed sell the product containing the Brillianto image or hide it behind a paywall.

You are NOT allowed to resell the item, pass a copy on to a third party or publish it on an image sharing platform, such as Shutterstock, Pixaby or Instagram.

If you want to sell the product containing the Brillianto image, please purchase a commercial licence image.

Size/image resolution:

1000 x 667 pixels ~ at 150 dpi that is 169×113 mm (6.5 x 4.5 inches) without any loss in resolution.

Please check if you want to understand how big an image is at what DPI setting and pixel dimensions

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